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Pop Parties

A fantastic, fun day - have a pop star party for your children OR your friends – a day immortalised on CD.

We have literally thousands of songs and a dedicated party host to help look after your complete experience.This is a REAL Recording studio (yes we've even had the X-factor guys in here) and you can record up to two songs with our professional engineers.

Children love the whole day from putting on the headphones and singing, to mixing down the track to CD.

Call the studio now on 0208 830 4321 and ask to speak to your hen party host. We'll do the rest.

1. Choose

2. Record

3. Mix

4. Listen

Choose your song(s) in advance from '000s of backing tracks.

Arrange the date for the party with our studio - and get your voices ready!

Our party host will make you all feel at ease and explain how it all works.

The large studio gives you plenty of room to dance around or concentrate on your singing and generally having fun – it's up to you.

Once their angelic voices have been recoded, it's now time for the producer to work his magic, and bring everthing together in the mix!

Watch him mix your track using the latest technology, auto-tune, EQ, and other special effects that we use on the professional artists.

It’s now time to master your recording to CD.

You’ll get your own personalised CD copy and your very own webpage with your recording to play, plus photos and the video if requested, which you can share with all your friends and family.

Like the look of the video above? For just a set fee of £295 we can record the whole experience. A superb, high definition production, available to stream on YouTube and Facebook. A souvenir DVD will also be sent in the post.

**NEW FOR 2013** – Now you get your very own web page with your recording uploaded, together with other highlights from the day, free on our site. We’ll send you the link so you can forward, tweet and Facebook to all your friends and family (and Simon Cowell, of course).

At the end of the session you all get professionally mixed CDs of your recording to take away, so its a party you'll never forget. A minimum of 5 vouchers must be purchased. Over 9 people and the price drops! Call us today if you would like to discuss.

Minimum 5 people

5-9 people £50.00 per person
10-14 people £45.00 per person
15 people or more £40.00 per person

    Call The Star Factory now: 0208 454 7397

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