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Hen Parties

If you want your Hen Party to start off with a bang, then this is for you. Come and record your angelic voices in one of London's top recording studios. You'll literally be singing in a studio where stars have recorded, and you never know who you might bump into!

You can choose from literally thousands of songs and we have a dedicated hen party host who will look after your complete experience. Crazy dress-up shenanigans and choreography available if you decide to add a video as well.

This is seriously good fun! Call us now on 0208 454 7397 and ask to speak to your hen party host. We'll do the rest.

1. Choose

2. Record

3. Mix

4. Listen

Speak to our party host and discuss what you'd like. Costumes, choreography, video - just let us know. Then choose your song(s) in advance from '000s of backing tracks.

Arrange the date with our studio – and get your voices ready!

Arrive and relax with a glass of bubbly...

Our party host will make you feel at ease and explain how it all works.

Our large studio gives you plenty of room to dance around or concentrate on your singing – it's up to you.

Once you got that killer recording it's now time for the producer to work his magic on your voices.

Watch him mix your track using the latest technology, auto-tune, EQ, and other special effects that we use on the professional artists.

It’s now time to master your recording to CD.

You’ll get your own personalised CD copy and your very own webpage with your recording to play, plus photos and the video, which you can share with all your friends and family.

hens-1.jpgFor just a set additional fee of £295 you can also get the whole experience videoed. Superb high definition production, available to stream on YouTube and Facebook. The DVD will also be sent in the post.

THE BEST BIT – Now you get your very own web page with your recording uploaded ready to stream, together with other highlights from the evening, hosted free on our site. We’ll send you the link so you can forward, tweet and Facebook to all your friends and family (and Simon Cowell, of course).

Call us RIGHT NOW on 0208 454 7397 for an experience your Hen will never forget. All this from just £45/person.

PS: Ask us how the Hen can go free!

    Call The Star Factory now: 0208 454 7397

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