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X Factor’s Kingsland Road shoot acoustic video at The Star Factory

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Kingsland Road may be the name of a road running through the east end of London, but X Factor fans will also recall it is the name of the band who first appeared on X Factor in 2013.

The quartet (a fifth member, Jay, recently left the band) consists of Thomson, Connor, Matt & Josh. They finished in ninth place on X Factor, and controversially lost out to Tamera Foster, when they were voted out by three judges, butwould have been saved had it gone to deadlock because they had received more public votes than their rival.

Kingsland Road do not look like your average boy band. These down-to-earth guys lived in a small house together and bought their clothes from local charity shops, and have definitely developed their own style. Their songs are distinctive and their acoustic harmonies work well in setting them apart from the competition.

In August this year, they released their debut single, Dirty Dancer, reaching number 85 on the UK Singles charts and their debut album (funded by PledgeMusic) will follow in January 2015. On the back of their summer UK tour, it was revealed that they have signed a well deserved record deal in the U.S. 

The lads recorded this awesome brand new cover of Rude by Magic in our very own Studio One back in October. 

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Many thanks to @IllustriousPR for the video.